Sinatra is much more than just a legendary singer!

At etventure, our developers bring creative ideas to life. They lay the foundations for revolutionary products and services for our clients and start-ups. The Quality Assurance team also ensures the quality of these products and services.

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Behind the scenes

We believe it is important for you to feel comfortable working with us and to see yourself as part of the etventure family. We put a lot of energy into our projects, but never forget that work needs to be enjoyable. Teamwork is a priority for us and we want to work collaboratively to organise amazing, creative projects.


Backend? Frontend? Data scientist? Our developers build interactive interfaces for web and mobile apps. Initially created as a minimum viable product with the most important functions, these are then adapted to user requirements on an ongoing basis. The ability to work in an agile environment and to learn, assess and communicate new technologies and methods is the key characteristic of our IT experts.

Quality Assurance

Quality always has to be right, whether it relates to internal projects or collaborating with the client! The etventure Quality Assurance team coordinate all measures to ensure the quality of our work and support our developers and product managers in developing new digital products and business ideas.


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