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At etventure, we love our work and are passionate about testing and developing new solutions to make our customers digital pioneers. To do this, we draw on our unique network of start-ups, a variety of industries and the public sector.

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How does it feel to work at etventure?

On our blog “People of etventure” you can find out what makes us different

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Philipp Leonhardt
Senior Product Manager

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About innovations
city trips and crazy side jobs

Let’s continue with our series “People of etventure.” This time design thinking specialist Jo Graff tells us what makes etventure special for her. It’s also about city hopping in Europe and her almost career as a pop star.

People of etventure
Jo Graff
Chapter Lead Projektmanagement
I keep the balls
in the air

This time on “People of etventure” Management Assistant Katja Born explains what her work has in common with juggling, what she particularly appreciates about etventure and what else she is up to.

People of etventure
Katja Born
Management Assistant
"At etventure, I had a lot of responsibility
right from the beginning."

This time on “People of etventure”: Henrike Ruehl, Project Manager, talks about teamwork, respect and her start at etventure.

People of etventure
Henrike Ruehl
Junior Project Manager
"Only when we tackle things
are we strong enough to implement them..."

This time at “People of etventure”: Carolin Adam, product manager, tells among other things how she started at etventure, which idea she would like to implement and what she especially appreciates about etventure.

People of etventure
Carolin Adam
Product Manager

…and this in the literal sense: Community is written in capital letters with us. From breakfast together to summer party to reunion celebrations with alumni, we have many occasions to celebrate the special etventure team spirit that makes up our cohesion.

Stories of etventure women
My Career Path

How does it feel to work at etventure? In our blog “people of etventure” you can take a look behind the scenes.

Zum Career-Blog
Wibke Ellinghaus
Head of Projektmanagement
You should be true to yourself
My Career Path

Jo Graff, design thinking specialist, tells us what makes a good leader for her and how women manage to take on important roles in the company.

Zum Career-Blog
Jo Graff
Chapter Lead Project Management
WU Wien | Photo from Jeremy Bishop of Unsplash
Proof of what you study is in the doing
Cooperation with Unis and FHs

YOU CAN NEVER LEARN ENOUGH… This applies to both learners and teachers. Therefore, etventure maintains an international network of universities and colleges and develops seminars and workshops together with students of different disciplines about what it means to shape the digital change.

Do something good!
Free of charge

Creating value for the economy and society is our vision, which we also achieve through free consulting services for non-profit organizations.

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Of course it's a shame when colleagues leave us. 
But with such exciting opportunities, we let them go sad but proud.
Carolin Kröger
HPS Gesundheitscloud gGmbH

2014-2015 Start at etventure as Senior Project Manager

2015-2018 Principal at the etventure digital unit W&W digital

06/2018 COO at the non-profit Health Tech Startup

Clemens Biermayer
floorwell GmbH

10/2016 Start as an intern in Corporate Innovation

04/2017 Implemantaion of the MVP

05/2018 Development of the start-up with a producter of the timber industry

07/2019 Exit of etventure and spin-off of floorwell GmbH as Managing Director

Tiffany Dao

01/2013 Start at etventure as Marketing Manager

2014 Founding and development of her own first premises in Cologne

2016 Foundation of a second restaurant in Bonn

Sebastian Ghanbari
Fireshark Refractories

04/2016 Project Manager at etventure

establishes a startup in a customer project with RHI

08/2017 he leaves etventure to further expand and establish the startups on the market as Managing Director.

Benefits für Mitarbeiter
  • Health
    Stay active with our various sports and health offers from external partners.
  • Retirement
    The company pension plan includes a 20% employer allowance.
  • Development Opportunities
    Extensive on-boarding and intensive training and development opportunities.
  • Sabbatical & trust-based working hours
    Would you like to spend a day working from somewhere else or do you need a few months off? No problem thanks to trust-based working hours and sabbaticals!
  • A Strong Partner
    Part of the large Ernst & Young network: Knowledge and diverse, international projects
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Your questions to EY etventure
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How is the application process going?
What documents do you need for your application?
To whom do I address my application?
How do I find out the status of my application?
Does EY etventure also offer opportunities for thesis work?
No vacancies are listed on the careers page that match my profile. What should I do?
Where are EY etventure's offices?
Is there a dress code?
What is the stand-out feature of the EY etventure team?
What would my working environment look like?
What about the work-life balance?
What is our shared vision?

How is the application process going?

Are we right for each other? We will answer this question together in the course of your application process.

Step 1: Your application

So we can get a complete picture of your qualifications, please send us your complete documents including application letter, CV and the relevant references via our online application form.

Step 2: Telephone interview

If we believe you could be right for us, we will invite you to an initial short telephone interview (lasting around 30 minutes). If you also convince us over the phone that you are the ideal person for the role, we will invite you to a general face-to-face discussion meeting.

Step 3: Personal interviews

We usually run 2–3 interviews including a case presentation with colleagues from the relevant department who can assess your specialist knowledge. If these interviews also go well for both parties, we would hope to welcome you on board as a new team member in the near future.

Step 4: Final decision

Welcome on board!

What documents do you need for your application?

Your application should always include:

  • An application letter in which you present yourself briefly and set out your motivation
  • A clear CV set out in tabular form
  • Copies of your relevant references

To whom do I address my application?

Please address your application to the contact stated at the bottom of the relevant job description.

How do I find out the status of my application?

We will contact you within two weeks of receipt of your application and tell you what will happen next. If you have any questions on your application status, please contact our recruiters by email and they will be happy to help.

Does EY etventure also offer opportunities for thesis work?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer any opportunities for thesis work at EY etventure.

No vacancies are listed on the careers page that match my profile. What should I do?

If you cannot find a job on the EY etventure careers page that suits you, please send us a unsolicited application. If you do so we can contact you immediately if there is a perfect fit for you.

Where are EY etventure's offices?

Our main offices are located centrally in the German cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

The loft-style open-plan office in Berlin has an impressive location and an even better view form one of the many rooftops (Berlin-Kreuzberg, near Kottbusser Tor).

The Hamburg office is located in the Speicherstadt district, right at the heart of this Hanseatic city, and surrounded by old warehouses. There are many well-known companies and innovative start-ups in the immediate vicinity.

The Munich office is located in the heart of the old town between the Odeonsplatz and Karlsplatz squares, with a beautiful, light and open architectural style. In summer, the roof terrace is open for lunch and after-work sessions.

Is there a dress code?

It is important that you feel comfortable at EY etventure. Therefore you can wear what you like to work. Be yourself and wear what you feel comfortable in.

What is the stand-out feature of the EY etventure team?

The special thing about EY etventure is our unique team spirit. We consider ourselves to be one large family. Our values of openness, fairness, equality and tolerance help us create a sense of community. This cohesion, together with our team’s passion for digital innovation, forms the basis of our success.

What would my working environment look like?

EY etventure is still a young company and works in a dynamic environment – therefore we work in a dynamic way and as equals. We cultivate an open-door culture and have a strong sense of community which is only made stronger by the shared workspaces.

What about the work-life balance?

A work-life balance is important at EY etventure. We encourage this balance through such initiatives as a flexible working hours model and the possibility of working from a home office.

What is our shared vision?

“Only true entrepreneurs drive digital transformation” – that’s our mantra at EY etventure. We work in line with this vision and set up our own start-ups and digital new business. And everything is totally entrepreneurial and client-focused.