Product & Design

Does design follow function or does function follow design?

Our designers and product managers don’t just care about making things look good. They ensure they create new products and provide customers with products that precisely meet their needs even before they know it.

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Behind the scenes

We believe it is important for you to feel comfortable working with us and to see yourself as part of the etventure family. We put a lot of energy into our projects, but never forget that work needs to be enjoyable. Teamwork is a priority for us and we want to work collaboratively to organise amazing, creative projects.


Our designers develop ingenious concepts from initial ideas and implement them in the form of websites and mobile apps. Together with colleagues from project and product management and marketing, they visualise and validate the clients’ ideas. With the varied challenges in the B2C and B2B sectors, life is never boring.

Product management

As a product manager you are a core element in the etventure team and right at the forefront when real products are created from initial test scenarios. What makes our product managers special? A passion for innovation, lateral thinking rather than going for the same old solution, and a total focus on clients and users.


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