Sales & Marketing

We build the brand etventure.

We already love etventure. It’s our job to tell the world why, and win new colleagues, partners or customers. We use playful and innovative communication to make our brand shine brighter.

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Behind the scenes

We believe it is important for you to feel comfortable working with us and to see yourself as part of the etventure family. We put a lot of energy into our projects, but never forget that work needs to be enjoyable. Teamwork is a priority for us and we want to work collaboratively to organise amazing, creative projects.


The team develops the entire pre-sales and lead generation process right through to the handover to the relevant responsible person. The key characteristics of our Sales team are acting in an entrepreneurial manner and working in a numbers-driven and sales-oriented way without losing sight of the client and their needs.


Whether classic marketing, online marketing or event management, the marketing specialists at etventure are the creative minds with out-of-the-box ideas. The marketing team designs and develops the brand etventure continuously and is responsible for the optimal digital marketing of customer projects.


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