Business Support

Meet our backbone.

Business Support ensures that everything at etventure runs smoothly, from HR to Finance and Assistance. We’re one big supportive family.

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Behind the scenes

We believe it is important for you to feel comfortable working with us and to see yourself as part of the etventure family. We put a lot of energy into our projects, but never forget that work needs to be enjoyable. Teamwork is a priority for us and we want to work collaboratively to organise amazing, creative projects.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources team drive the personal and professional development of all employees and act as a contact point for all etventure colleagues. The members of our HR department support us in developing a modern and sustainable corporate culture, thereby laying the foundations for etventure to be able to maintain and develop its character, dynamism and team spirit.


The everyday work of our Finance department involves much more than just numbers! Our colleagues there manage fiscal issues, prepare recommendations for action for management and are jointly responsible for ongoing financial accounting.

Support & Administration

Our colleagues from the Support & Administration department are responsible for organisational development and administration. They are the oil that keeps all our wheels running smoothly. From coordinating schedules and looking after guests through to organising team events – they are always there to lend a helping hand and facilitate our day-to-day work.


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